Serving the most vulnerable in rural Malawi

Malawi is regarded as one of the poorest countries in the world; in the remote regions, there’s acute poverty, widespread hunger and malnutrition.

Aid Africa, a small UK charity, powerfully impacts Malawi’s rural areas by running an integrated group of projects, each tailored to local need, designed to empower communities and help individuals in our target group: orphans, the elderly, those living with disabilities and the AIDS-affected.

Our Mission


food and shelther to the frailest


safe water, education, and training to empower communities


self-sustainability over dependency

Our focus this month...

Sleeping Mats!

It’s coming into winter in Malawi, people will be huddled in coats where they have them, leaking roofs become more apparent and sleeping mats more necessary.

The most vulnerable are unlikely to have beds, mattresses, nor adequate blankets, and at this time of year, the temperature drops significantly at night.
Sleeping directly on a dirt floor is hard, cold and damp, so we’d like to provide more sleeping mats for the most needy.

The mats are large, made by local craftsmen, and are traditionally woven with local materials. Each is often used by all the same gender in the family so the provision of even just one will help both adults & children and last for ages.

A donation of £11 will provide one of these mats for 3 families. Just click "donate now" and your donation in June will transform lives!

Any amount is welcome and greatly appreciated...
...... and to enable us to continue to empower some of the poorest people on the planet, would you urgently consider setting up a monthly Standing Order to partner with us? See our Donations Page (via the "donate now" button) for more info....

Many thanks! 


Thanks from new piglet owners........

Exciting times for all the families who have just received a female piglet!

Jamus, pictured above, is a family man with a wife and child, who works hard at odd jobs to support his household, but is AIDS-affected. This piglet is a chance for him to eventually set up his own business breeding for food and income.

As the piglet grows they’ll “pass-on” a female from her first litter to another needy family as part of the agreement, then all the rest of her offspring can be kept for breeding (developing a business),  growing on for food, or selling to fund basic needs within the household.  

A life-changing opportunity for family development, and an ongoing project to provide food and income to a growing number of villagers…... 

There’s more info on our “Latest News” page…...  

Thank you for your help…. 

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