Serving the most vulnerable in rural Malawi

Malawi is regarded as one of the poorest countries in the world; in the remote regions, there’s acute poverty, widespread hunger and malnutrition.

Aid Africa, a small UK charity, powerfully impacts Malawi’s rural areas by running an integrated group of projects, each tailored to local need, designed to empower communities and help individuals in our target group: orphans, the elderly, those living with disabilities and the AIDS-affected.

Our Mission


food and shelther to the frailest


safe water, education, and training to empower communities


self-sustainability over dependency

Our focus this month...

Disaster relief .....

Earlier this month Cyclone Freddy devastated our area, ripping off roofs, collapsing buildings, and sweeping away crops. 59 lives were lost locally, mostly children under 15, unable to escape the mud and floodwater. Thousands are homeless in make-shift camps, hungry and destitute - see "latest news".

Immediately we were able to help a bit, with emergency food, plastic sheeting and mosquito nets, but there’s so much more to do!

We’re already busy constructing 50 household toilets, essential in the current cholera crisis, but we’ll also repair or rebuild houses for the most vulnerable, repair broken borehole pumps restoring safe water back to thousands, and rebuild a community bridge collapsed by surging water to enable kids to get to school safely.

Please help us if you can—every penny donated now will benefit distressed families here in this present crisis,

Thank you! 


Increasing vision & veg!

Thank you for contributing—we’ve been able to introduce the next phase of the veg project by providing watering cans, a variety of veg seeds, and chemicals to look after them, plus advice and monitoring, to another 50 families.  

This project is helping to reform cultural thinking by demonstrating multi-harvesting each year with a bit of hard work and empowered by capital resources.  

In trials, villagers have produced food for their families and a surplus to sell—providing for other needs, school fees, uniforms, house repairs—and the next batch of veg seeds!

Thank you for your help! 

Our Projects

A variety of programmes, each a response to local challenges, together serving thousands.