Serving the most vulnerable in rural Malawi

Malawi is regarded as one of the poorest countries in the world; in the remote regions, there’s acute poverty, widespread hunger and malnutrition.

Aid Africa, a small UK charity, powerfully impacts Malawi’s rural areas by running an integrated group of projects, each tailored to local need, designed to empower communities and help individuals in our target group: orphans, the elderly, those living with disabilities and the AIDS-affected.

Our Mission


food and shelther to the frailest


safe water, education, and training to empower communities


self-sustainability over dependency

Our focus this month...

Hunger - "State of Disaster"......

People are still hungry …. Just last week the President of Malawi declared a
“State of Disaster” throughout most of the country, confirming erratic weather patterns, exacerbated by El Nino-induced dry spells, have caused devastatingly poor crop results.   

In our area, the annual maize crop (the staple diet) has just been harvested with disappointing results all round, but despite their hard work, many have produced absolutely nothing from their fields—in this agriculturally based society, this represents a whole year's food supply wiped out.

It is a ”State of Disaster” here—if you’d like to help these vulnerable families, please click the “donate now” button for instant payment or options, and we’ll translate your April donations from this date into food for those most at risk…. 

Any amount is welcome and greatly appreciated...
...... and to enable us to continue to empower some of the poorest people on the planet, would you urgently consider setting up a monthly Standing Order to partner with us? See our Donations Page (via the "donate now" button) for more info....

Many thanks! 


Thanks from 50 vulnerable families.....

A warm “thank you” from 50 families who before last month, had no private toilet facilities, leaving little alternative to publicly using open fields despite frailty, age, and disability, risking health and a polluted environment.  

With your help we’ve built 50 household units, with another 10 being constructed now.  

Just simple structures, a hand-dug 3m deep pit,  covered by a solid floor and a wrap-around bamboo structure, lined with plastic sheeting and covered with grass thatching for privacy.  

Each is expected to last for years, life changing for hundreds, improving hygiene, health and wellbeing. 

There’s more info on our “Latest News” page…...  

Thank you for your help…. 

Our Projects

A variety of programmes, each a response to local challenges, together serving thousands.