Serving the most vulnerable in rural Malawi

Malawi is regarded as one of the poorest countries in the world; in the remote regions, there’s acute poverty, widespread hunger and malnutrition.

Aid Africa, a small UK charity, powerfully impacts Malawi’s rural areas by running an integrated group of projects, each tailored to local need, designed to empower communities and help individuals in our target group: orphans, the elderly, those living with disabilities and the AIDS-affected.

Our Mission


food and shelther to the frailest


safe water, education, and training to empower communities


self-sustainability over dependency

Our focus this month...

Our Poultry Pass-on Project! 

In the aftermath of the disastrous cyclone in March when hundreds of lives, livelihoods and fields were lost, hunger is widespread and even more acute than ever this year.   

So how can we help? 

We’re promoting a trio of urgent agri-projects to get crops in the ground and food on the table—and one of those is our chicken project. 

During September, we’re aiming to provide chicken units (1 cockerel and 2 hens) to as many vulnerable families as possible, as a pass-on breeding project.  

As the chickens mature, each household “passes-on” young stock — just 1 cockerel chick and 2 hens — to another vulnerable family, thus extending free range poultry throughout the villages.  Lots of eggs, meat and surplus to sell. A simple project, but multiplying all the time. 

Would you like to help? 

As a guide, each chicken “unit” costs about £17,
but has the potential to go on providing nutrition and income for years…… 

Just press the “Donate Now” button—any amount is welcome!  

Thank you


Thank you for your help with Disaster Relief ...

Earlier this year, Tropical Cyclone Freddy devastated our area, many lives were lost, buildings collapsed, infrastructure destroyed, and fields rendered uncultivatable. 

In response, your generous financial help enabled us to benefit thousands following the disaster. We helped immediately with emergency food, plastic sheeting, mosquito nets and water containers but once the floods abated we moved into community reconstruction. 

We built 2 complete houses (Agnes, shown above) for ultra-vulnerable families and part-constructed 35 more homes that had lost walls in the cyclone, helping hundreds from 11 villages. 

Sanitation was a major challenge in the rural areas as so many toilets had collapsed leaving the villagers no alternative to using the open fields—right in the middle of the worst cholera crisis in living memory!  So we built 100 household toilets, and a couple more public units in particularly risky areas for the use of over a hundred villagers and all the children in two busy nursery schools. 

We repaired borehole pumps restoring safe water to almost 4,000 people, especially important as so much of the piped water system had collapsed, and reconstructed dangerous bridges for access to schools, markets and medical facilities. We set food-providing agri-projects in motion to urgently get crops in the ground, knowing food would become increasingly difficult to find or afford. 

So thank you for your invaluable support, together we impacted thousands of the world's poorest! 

Our Projects

A variety of programmes, each a response to local challenges, together serving thousands.