About Malawi

Malawi is landlocked, around 119,000 sq km, and bordered by Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique.
83% of its 20m population live in rural areas so the economy is heavily reliant on agriculture and particularly vulnerable to external shock and extreme climate events, i.e. cyclones, flooding and drought.

GDP per capita: $394 USD (equivalent to 3 percent of the worlds average). source: World Bank
With over half its population under 18 years (by comparison, UK has 21% in that age range) it means huge pressure on education and other services with little return in taxes and few exploitable resources to build an economy.
Hunger is still the no.1 challenge in most areas, and malnutrition, malaria and water-borne diseases strain the poor health services. AIDS is common, but with the introduction of free antiretrovirals, people are living longer with HIV rather than dying from AIDS, and the orphan situation is less severe.
Signs of abject poverty and hunger are everywhere, but there’s always a smile or shout of welcome - no wonder this magnificent country is known as “the warm heart of Africa”

About Us

Having been profoundly impacted by Malawi’s people, poverty and need during a trip to Africa in 2004, Aid Africa’s founders, David & Lynda Mills gathered together a few friends, and Aid Africa was born......

We started with food security, then over the years brought in education sponsorship, restored safe water by repairing broken pumps, created livestock projects, constructed community buildings, developed a reforestation programme—and so much more!

Locally, our working title is “Open Hand Projects” (OHP), and our “target group” - orphans, the elderly, those living with disabilities, and the AIDS-affected.

The OHP Centre in Chiringa nestles in the foothills of Mount Mulanje, out in a remote “bush” area. It houses offices, storerooms, a Training Hall, ProcessingUnit, livestock breeding facilities, accommodation, a tree nursery, and land for growing moringa, vegetables, forage and other crops.

Our staff are all local and most have been with us for over a decade, developing skills and confidence to handle an increasing number and variety of projects responsibly with integrity and commitment.

UK Directors spend months at a time on site each year, monitoring progress, encouraging staff, and linking in with UK Trustees. All funds supporting the work, are from public donations.

From humble beginnings, Aid Africa continues to develop, deeply impacting the rural communities, bringing radical help and encouragement at grass roots’ level.

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A variety of programmes, each a response to local challenges, together serving thousands.