Hunger—more maize….

Hunger is still increasing and widespread in the rural areas, so last week, 23rd & 24th January, we distributed more maize to over 500 households—about 2,500 people— to help carry them through to the next harvest.  Alongside we gave them soap, both for skin and laundry, to enhance hygiene.  It was the 2nd of our 3 distributions, and was gratefully received by all.


Above: Some of the beneficiaries leaving site - each of the 500 families received enough maize for 80 meals

Below: At the point of distribution, thumb-prints identify receipt of goods as many cannot read or write. Household circumstances were assessed earlier in the year and names recorded if they were vulnerable and at risk.  

Below central: Some of the recipients at our Centre in Chiringa—each with their maize, soap, and various tree seedlings to help encourage reforestation.

Finally, some of the beneficiaries in Zomba rural— about 50 miles from our Centre—where we’ve been working with a group of enthusiastic volunteers to facilitate the distribution. They report , ”Chiefs and all the elderly people are very thankful, and without your support many needy families would die of hunger”.


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