Irrigation Veg production …. a great opportunity!

Hunger is always the main concern of villagers in the rural areas. As an agricultural society, there are few jobs, and most try to grow their family’s food. However, generationally, they’ve developed a dogged reliance on maize which no longer grows well, and a culture around planting only in the annual rainy season, leaving many hungry as the food runs out.

This project challenges these mindsets.   We encourage all-year planting of vegetables, irrigated by whatever water is available — around the houses it’s “grey” water, after being used for washing, cooking etc, and further afield gathering from shallow wells or rivers, in the watering cans we provide.

We gathered 50 hard-working family leaders—from 21 villages—and our team trained in concept, compost-making (as an alternative to expensive fertilizer to enrich dead soil), planting and care.  Then we gave each a watering can, vegetable seeds and cassava cuttings suitable to their soil.

We’ll stay in touch, monitoring progress, and encouraged by our staff, they’ll be provided with the necessary inputs to protect and enhance the crops, too expensive for the average villager to buy.  

Harvests will benefit their families, both nutritionally and the surplus sold, so they can buy basics, pay school fees, etc, and perhaps even invest in a little business—a great opportunity!


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