Cyclone threat and life-changing sanitation....

A year on from the Cyclone Freddy disaster and we’re still picking up the pieces!

But the same weekend that Freddy hit us—and Cyclone Gombe the year before—another cyclone threatened. As it gathered strength off the coast of Mozambique, authorities feared a 60% likelihood of striking southern Malawi again.  But thankfully, it changed direction, clipped eastern Mozambique with storms and flooding, but then headed south and back out to sea. Malawi breathed a sigh of relief and was thankful.

We paused our building programme till the danger had passed, but then moved on into the rural communities.  

Many still had no private sanitation so we’ve built 50 household toilets. They’re basic structures - hand-dug 3m-deep pits, secure with a solid floor, and a bamboo-framed shelter lined with plastic sheeting for privacy, covered in grass provided by the beneficiary as their contribution. Despite their apparent frailty they should last for years.….

 A valued alternative to using the open fields with all the risk of disease and lack of dignity. A simple answer - but life changing for hundreds, improving hygiene, health and wellbeing.


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