New homes ....

Rural Malawi is still suffering the devastation of Cyclone Freddy even though it ripped through this area a year ago!  Many have no resources to repair their houses and some are still homeless or living in what’s left.

Fatima is one example, she and her 8 children were living in part of their house, open to the elements, at risk of theft, animals and violent abuse.   We assessed, and discovered that repair was impossible, it had been too badly damaged in the cyclone, the whole building needed to be demolished and rebuilt. So we carefully took it apart to recycle as many materials as possible, then constructed a new house, buying in more bricks, replacing timbers and iron sheets, employing a building team to complete the work.  

She’s delighted! (see the 1st row of pics)


Felesta is elderly, living in Phodogoma Village along with 3 orphans—her grandchildren, their mother died a couple of years ago. The cyclone destroyed their home, and she has no regular income but climbs the mountain for firewood to sell or labours in other people’s fields when she can find the work. To her great credit she has kept all the children in school but has not been able to rebuild a home for them.

So we helped ....... (see the 2nd row of pics)


We also repaired 5 heavily damaged homes for vulnerable families coping with illness, disability, and age…

(“before “ & “after “ pics below)


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