Our worst nightmare began to unfold ….

Travelling back to Malawi, we arrived safely at our Centre nearly 2 weeks ago, but Dave felt unwell the next day - not surprising coping with travel fatigue and the sudden high heat and humidity - but when he mentioned that his food tasted different, we tested for covid and it proved positive!

Bringing such a virus into an unvaccinated, malnourished and health-challenged society brought greatest concerns for the people here—our worst nightmare—so we did all we could to minimise contact to keep others safe. Within days I had turned positive too, but we're so thankful - and relieved - that there's been no sign of any further covid spread.

So the trip didn’t begin as we’d anticipated, and has caused initial delays to our projects’ programme.

However, yesterday we had the final maize distribution here and thanks to friends and staff, it ran like clockwork. Over 400 families were issued with carefully weighed out maize and soaps, and the rain stayed off till the last household had received!

Now we’re planning house rebuilds, and a big expansion of our agri-projects—irrigated veg out of season, chickens, and sweet potato vine provision—to help break the cycle of local hunger.


Thank you for your help and interest. Loads to do here, so if you’d like to help us do more, just click the “donate now” button….


Many thanks!

Photos: Above: our Food Programme in full flow....

Below: Thumbprints confirm receipt - many recipients can't read or write

Leaving site, fully laden with maize and soap

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